My Support Team

Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with

exceptional service and expertise. 



Denise Vilarino

P.A. to Preston Bellaire

Denise Vilarino is responsible for organizing and executing Preston Bellaire's numerous events, creative marketing, and managing his calendar.  Additionally, she works in servicing existing client relationships and establishing new relationships, as well as to help maintain a comprehensive client database which contains the information necessary to communicate effectively and efficiently with all clients. She handles questions regarding existing policies and accounts, and is responsible for making sure that the applications for your new business are handled timely and effectively.



Matt Douce

Financial Planning Coordinator 

Matt has been in the Financial Services industry for six years.  Matt works with your financial advisor to build customized financial plans for you and your family or business building a framework to evaluate your goals. Outside of work Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, working on personal fitness, and playing golf.